The public receives numerous inaccurate, unfair, and prejudicial messages about the criminal legal and immigration systems. Countering these messages and driving a narrative based on facts is imperative if we are to challenge and change them. Through strategic communications, Vera combines groundbreaking research with the voices of people impacted by the criminal legal and immigration systems to create powerful campaigns, advance opportunities, and build more equitable systems of justice.

Through op-eds, videos, media coverage, blog posts, fact sheets, reports, explainers, social media, and digital advocacy, Vera is reaching a larger audience than ever before and attracting more supporters to our work to achieve justice for all.

Making News

Reaching people through media coverage of criminal legal and immigration issues is an integral part of Vera’s strategy to advance transformative change. Vera remains a trusted source of data, analysis, and expert commentary for national and local media outlets and has appeared in dozens of news articles, op-eds, radio and television programs, and online publications in 2022. Each of these appearances allows Vera to advance facts that support our goal to eradicate racism in the criminal legal and immigration systems, ensure fairness, and help our communities thrive. A sampling of Vera’s most impactful 2022 media appearances:

Amplifying Research and Centering Personal Stories

Vera's publications help advance our reform goals by informing and persuading readers. Elevating the voices of people harmed by the criminal legal and immigration systems and providing research-based solutions can help drive change. A selection of publications from 2022:

Expanding Digital Reach

We use digital engagement, be it email marketing, social media posting or website updates, to educate, engage, and galvanize communities around the issues that central to Vera’s mission.

We create accessible and timely content that helps break down Vera’s research and findings, and pair it with personal stories and actions any one of us can take to advance change.

In this way and others, we’re able to inspire action and help others understand that meaningful change is possible: