The authors would like to acknowledge Nicholas Turner, Susan Shah, Mary Crowley, and Jim Parsons for their invaluable support and guidance throughout the development of Arrest Trends. We are also grateful for the assistance given by colleagues at the Vera Institute of Justice (Vera): Jackson Beck, Alex Boldin, Léon Digard, Chris Henrichson, Oliver Hinds, Jacob Kang-Brown, Mawia Khogali, Chris Mai, Michael Mehler, Cindy Reed, Karina Schroeder, Kinsen Siu, Ram Subramanian, and Hayne Yoon. In addition, we are grateful for the assistance given by Vera’s Policing Fellows and interns: Kristyn Jones, Matthew Stock, Vanessa D’Erasmo, and Darren Agboh. Special thanks to our external advisor, Ross Dakin, for his expertise and valuable advice. We would like to thank Teal Media, Gramener, Inc., Civic Hall Labs, and Delta.NYC for their contributions in developing Arrest Trends. Finally, this project would not have been possible without the support of Vera’s Capital Campaign; Elizabeth Grossman, Kevin Miller, and all of the Microsoft Cities Team; and Brianna Walden, Jordan Richardson, and everyone at the Charles Koch Foundation.