Closing mass incarceration’s front door

We partnered with local communities, advocacy organizations, and government entities in eight states to develop strategies to safely reduce incarceration and increase community investment.

We spurred the passing of historic reforms in New York State that will shrink the statewide jail population by 40 percent.

Our work in New Orleans helped the city reach an extraordinary 80 per- cent reduction in its jail population over the last 13 years.

In three jurisdictions across the country, we supported reform-minded prosecutors by equipping them with the tools they need to reduce over- incarceration, end racial disparities, and advance equal justice for all.

Bringing human dignity to life behind bars

Transforming conditions of confinement for young adults, we expanded our Restoring Promise initiative—which promotes healing, restoration, and mentorship rather than punishment and retribution—to six states.

Bolstering our national campaign to overturn the federal ban on Pell Grants for students in prison, we secured $5.7 million of financial aid for incarcerated students in five states.

Promoting safety, trust, and justice in a more diverse America

Working to ensure that all immigrants facing deportation have access to due process and legal representation, we grew our SAFE Network by 50 percent, to 18 jurisdictions across 11 states.

Sparking a fundamental dialogue about the role of police in our com- munities, we designed and launched an innovative data visualization tool that collates and analyzes key policing data across regions, states, counties, and agencies.