By Jamila Hodge and Kelsey Reid 

Photo credits: David Carson/Post Dispatch/Polaris, Steve Senne/AP, Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images, Jessey Dearing for The Boston Globe via Getty Images, Rich Garella/Larry Krasner for DA, and Matt Masterson/Chicago Tonight. 

We wish to express our gratitude for the advocates and prosecutors across the country advancing reforms, some of which are cited in this publication. Thank you to Jeffrey Altenburg (Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office), Lane Borg (formerly Metropolitan Public Defenders), Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner (City of St. Louis), Sharlyn Grace (Chicago Community Bond Fund), Scott Hechinger (Brooklyn Defender Services), Mark Houldin (Defender Association of Philadelphia), Joe Magats (Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office), Meg Reiss (Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office), Liam Riley (Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office), Ezra Ritchin (The Bail Project), Parle Roe-Taylor (Cook County Public Defender’s Office), Nitin Savur (Manhattan District Attorney’s Office), Naila Siddiqui (Legal Aid Society), Paige Styler (Wisconsin State Public Defender – Milwaukee Office), District Attorney Rod Underhill (Multnomah County, Oregon), and Maggie Wolk (Manhattan District Attorney’s Office) for the perspective and expertise they provided us on policies in their communities.

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