The authors would like to thank our generous contacts in Eugene, Oregon; Olympia, Washington; and Phoenix, Arizona, as well as national experts Dr. Amy Watson, Colette Scott, Dr. Don Kamin, Elizabeth Sinclair, Dr. Geoff Alpert, Justin Volpe, Laura Usher, Michele Saunders, Pat Strode, Ron Bruno, Thomas von Hemert, Sherry McRill, Dr. Michael Compton, Stephen Craver, and Shannon Scully for their assistance identifying case study sites. We would also like to thank our colleagues Jason Tan de Bibiana, Aaron Stagoff-Belfort, Caroline Walcott, Daniel Bodah, and Michael Mehler, whose crucial contributions helped shape this report. We are also deeply grateful to Elle Teshima, Léon Digard, Jim Parsons, and Cindy Reed for their review and comments.

This report has been made possible in part by funding from the NFL’s Inspire Change grant program. Inspire Change, the league’s social justice initiative, supports programs that reduce barriers to opportunity in the areas of education, economic advancement, police-community relations, and criminal justice reform.