Securing Equal Justice

Building Bridges Between Police and Communities

Policing in America is facing a crisis of legitimacy and purpose. What the future holds is uncertain, but it’s ripe not only with peril, but with potential. We can rededicate policing as a public service based in trust between law enforcement and the diverse communities they serve and protect. This is critically important now—as we all can see—but also deep into our future as America evolves into a majority-minority nation. 

Our work gets to one of the roots of the current crisis: police practices that are not aligned with the needs and desires of their communities. We’re collaborating with experts nationally to nurture bottom-up policing, where whole agencies—not just special units or liaisons—are informed by, demonstrate respect toward, and are responsive to the community. Such community-informed policing understands the connection between public satisfaction and public safety and measures both, is a prudent gatekeeper of the justice system, and reflects a right-sized role for law enforcement in responding to crime and the social problems that underlie it. It appreciates the role that present and historic racism has played in corroding trust and good will. At the same time we are engaging the rank and file in developing these reforms. Their real life experiences with community members are often not considered when making policy changes. 

Other work includes working with law enforcement to divert youth from the justice system and into family and community supports, and to elevate awareness of how police can take the lead on harm reduction strategies in response to substance use, and diversion of people with mental health needs from justice system to the health supports they need.

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