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Project  –  Mar 26, 2018

The Initiative to End Girls’ Incarceration

The end of girls’ incarceration in the United States is within reach, and Vera is leading a national initiative to make it happen in 10 years. The number of youth in the girls’ side of the juvenile justice system is small, most girls are unjustly locked up to ...

Publication  –  Mar 14, 2019

Vera's 10-Year Strategy to End Girls' Incarceration

To ensure freedom and justice for all kids, systems must be responsive to how gender and sexism intersect with racism to drive youth incarceration. The Vera Institute of Justice (Vera) believes that we can end the incarceration of youth on the girls’ side of...

Blog Post  –  Jul 27, 2018

Series: Gender and Justice in America

Why We Need to End Girls’ Incarceration — Many girls are arrested for misbehaviors like running away and skipping school. This needs to change.

This is still happening to girls today. Although girls are only 25 percent of the overall juvenile justice system, 40 percent of children who are taken to court for status offenses—and 55 percent of children who are taken to court specifically for running away...

News  –  Feb 02, 2017

Task Force Aims to End Incarceration for Young Girls

Blog Post  –  Apr 16, 2019

Our 10-Year Strategy to End Girls’ Incarceration Nationwide

Vera’s Initiative to End Girls’ Incarceration centers girls and gender expansive youth in reforms that have too long exclusively focused on cisgender boys. We are working with targeted jurisdictions across the country who are ready to examine the gender and ra...

Press Release  –  Feb 02, 2017

Ending Girls’ Incarceration Is Goal of New Task Force in New York City

New York, NY—The Vera Institute of Justice today launched the Task Force on Ending Girls’ Incarceration in New York City, a new multi-agency task force created in partnership with New York City agencies to address the unique needs of girls in the city’s juveni...

Press Release  –  Aug 02, 2018

Vera Institute of Justice Expands New York City Initiative to End Girls’ Incarceration Across Country

The initiative will address & reform pathways that lead girls, particularly girls of color and LGB/TGNC youth, into the justice system in five local and state jurisdictions  NEW YORK, NY – Over the past decade, reform efforts to divert young people charged...

Blog Post  –  Oct 20, 2017

Making Space for Girls — Vera’s Effort to End Girls’ Incarceration

Like so many girls held in juvenile detention centers, Gynnya was struggling with challenges at home and lived in a foster care group home. She was held in custody because she allegedly hit her mother while she was home on a visit from foster care, not because...

Video  –  Jul 19, 2018

Girls Matter

Ending girls’ incarceration requires communities to treat girls fairly and with respect—that means eliminating reliance on law enforcement and the courts when girls run away, skip school, or disobey a parent.

Blog Post  –  Apr 27, 2017

Series: Gender and Justice in America

Sexual Assault Awareness is Key to Keeping Girls Out of the Juvenile Justice System

Every April, tribute is paid to survivors of sexual violence through educational and awareness-raising events across the country.  To that end, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign for 2017 seeks to shin...

News  –  Feb 03, 2017

Task Force Aims to Reduce the Number of Girls in Detention

Center  –  May 20, 2016

Youth Justice

Vera’s Center on Youth Justice (CYJ) works with policymakers and practitioners who want juvenile justice to be rooted in the community, more effective, and smaller in scale, touching the lives of fewer children.