Publication  –  Dec 31, 1960


In this 1960s report, Vera staff examined the Cincinnati Police Division's practices for processing and serving criminal and traffic warrants to determine whether or not changes in procedure could result in a more effective and efficient operation.

News  –  Dec 16, 2019

Editorial: The welcome but glacial dismantling of California’s bail system

News  –  Dec 16, 2019

New Orleans' wish list: What do local leaders want from John Bel Edwards in second term?

News  –  Dec 15, 2019

Amid reforms and staffing dips, overtime for prison officers soars

News  –  Dec 15, 2019

Vera Institute produces new report highlighting big increases in rural jail populations

News  –  Dec 15, 2019

Maine Voices: Spend juvenile-justice money on Maine’s youth, not prisons

News  –  Dec 15, 2019

Opioid crisis leads to a spike in the numbers of females in jail

Publication  –  Dec 14, 2019

A Means to an End — Assessing the Ability to Pay Bail

Research shows that money bail is unfair, ineffective, and disproportionately burdens people of color and those with low incomes; jurisdictions that no longer rely on money bail have excellent court appearance rates, fewer people in jail, and strong public saf...

News  –  Dec 14, 2019

Sheriff calls overcrowded county jail inhumane as inmates wait years for legal resolution

Press Release  –  Dec 13, 2019

First of Its Kind Look at 2019 Jail Data Reveals Urgent Need to Address Mass Incarceration in Smaller Cities & Rural Counties — Jail data, collected by the Vera Institute of Justice with support from, fills a critical information gap

News  –  Dec 13, 2019

The hidden scandal of US criminal justice? Rural incarceration has boomed

News  –  Dec 13, 2019

NBA teams to organize basketball games and events in prison