New Orleans Pretrial Services

Watch to learn how New Orleans Pretrial Services helps judges decide who stays in jail and who can be safely released to await trial, reducing the jail population and saving the city money. Interviewed: Ginny Lee, former Director, New Orleans Pretrial Services; Former Criminal Court Judge Calvin Johnson; Michael Cowan, Chair, New Orleans Crime Coalition;Pastor Antoine Barriere, Household of Faith Family Worship Church; Dolfinette Martin, former New Orleans Pretrial Services Staff.


Rethinking Restrictive Housing

The Vera Institute of Justice partnered with five prison and jail systems to assess how they use restrictive housing—also known as segregation or solitary confinement—in their facilities and to recommend ways to safely reduce that use. This report presents highlights of Vera’s findings and recommendations for ways these systems (and others motivated to reform) can reduce their use of restrictive housing and employ safe, effective alternatives. It also provides updates on the progress these systems have made to date.

Special Report
  • Léon Digard, Sara Sullivan, Elena Vanko
May 23, 2018
Special Report