Law enforcement use of the U-visa

In this podcast, Rodolfo Estrada, senior program associate of Vera's Center on Immigration and Justice, discusses law enforcement use of the U-visa. The U-visa provides immigration status to undocumented victims of crime who cooperate with law enforcement. Joining Rodolfo are Edna Yang, legal counsel at American Gateways and consultant with Legal Momentum, Deputy Chief Pete Helein of the Appleton Police Departmentment in Wisconsin, and Lieutenant Chris Cole of the Storm Lake Police Department in Iowa.


Seniors Facing Cognitive Decline Need Responsible Financial Care from Banks, Families, and Community Providers

Many cases begin with the child managing an ailing parent’s finances or receiving financial assistance from the parent during a difficult time. Some of these children then call on their parents for increasingly large sums of money simply to pay bills or purchase expensive items, leaving their parents bankrupt and unable to care for themselves. This...

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  • Margaret Cunliffe
May 12, 2017
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Series: Gender and Justice in America

Sexual Assault Awareness is Key to Keeping Girls Out of the Juvenile Justice System

Every April, tribute is paid to survivors of sexual violence through educational and awareness-raising events across the country.  To that end, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign for 2017 seeks to shine a spotlight on leaders who can influence the cultural change needed to end sexual violen...

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  • Shannon Scully
    Shannon Scully
  • Leah  Hairston
    Leah Hairston
April 27, 2017
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