Faye Taxman How Corrections Systems Can Deter Future Crime

Professor Faye Taxman of George Mason University talks with Vera director Michael Jacobson about how U.S. corrections systems can adopt practices to help reduce recidivism—a shift that will require substantive and cultural changes. This podcast is part of the 2011 Neil A. Weiner Research Speaker Series. Professor Taxman is the director of the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence at George Mason and has published more than 125 articles. In 2008, the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Corrections and Sentencing recognized her as a Distinguished Scholar.


“The County Jail Has Always Been a Murder Ground”: Stories from Men’s Central Jail

For decades, people incarcerated in Los Angeles County’s deadliest jail have feared for their lives. With the death toll mounting, advocates are pushing to finally end the cycle of violence.

Nelson is currently working toward that goal at DPN, connecting with families impacted by MCJ and the terror of the sheriff’s deputies. “You’ve got so many families out here thinking that they had to fight up against this sheriff’s department by themselves. They feel powerless. So, we connect with family members,” Nelson said. Slowly, they are win ...

  • Sam McCann
    Sam McCann
March 27, 2024
Credit: Alex NabaumFor illustrative purposes only.

Paying the Price

New Mexico’s Practice of Arresting and Incarcerating People for Nonpayment of Court Debt

New Mexico is one of several states where nonpayment of court-ordered fines and fees is punishable by arrest through bench warrants. Prior research has estimated that 60 to 70 percent of New Mexicans miss payments, are issued a summons, and are subsequently issued bench warrants, which sometimes result in incarceration, even though the average paym ...

  • Maria Rafael
February 20, 2024