David Weisburd Hot spots of crime and crime prevention

In this podcast from the Neil A. Weiner Research Speaker Series, David Weisburd, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University discusses his groundbreaking study of micro-geographic units or “hot spots” in predicting and preventing crime. Weisburd is the director of George Mason University’s Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy. He also serves as director of the Institute of Criminology at the Hebrew University. In 2010 Weisburd won the prestigious Stockholm Prize in Criminology for this work.


What It’s Like Watching My Friends Die in Prison

Sitting with death as a hospice worker in a maximum-security prison.

I work in hospice at a maximum-security prison. The question I get the most is, “How can you do that?” Honestly, it’s not easy. We are literally sitting with death. Hospice is a program that we sign up for, where we sit with another prisoner while he dies. That’s not all we do; there’s far more to it than that. But for now, that’s what I’ll say. W ...

  • Martez Johnson
December 07, 2023

Impact Over Orthodoxy

Research, policy solutions, and what counts as sufficient evidence in transforming the criminal legal system.

At the Vera Institute of Justice, we drive policy change to advance safety and justice and to measurably improve communities and people’s lives. We work to transform the United States’ excessively punitive criminal legal system and to challenge the country’s long-standing complacency with the harms of mass incarceration. This involves piloting sol ...

  • Nicholas Turner
    Nicholas Turner
December 06, 2023