In recent elections across America, voters have pulled the lever for criminal justice reform by electing prosecutors committed to delivering it. Standing on forward-looking platforms including promises of bail reform, diversion, and ending mass incarceration, a new generation of prosecutors in communities across the country are part of a nascent but growing cadre who understand what many Americans have also learned: that “tough on crime” does not equal public safety.

Through the Data-Driven Prosecution Reform project, Vera is helping reform-minded prosecutors rethink their role in delivering justice and pursuing public safety. Vera is partnering with prosecutors to put their campaign promises into action as concrete, data-informed policies and practices. The goal of these partnerships is to develop strategies for prosecutors to reduce incarceration, promote racial equity and equal justice in their work, and increase the public’s confidence in their office.

Project Objectives

  • Help prosecutors implement data-driven policies and practices that reduce incarceration and promote racial equity and equal justice;

  • Uncover deeper insights into how decisions made by prosecutors contribute to over-incarceration, racial disparities, and practices that lessen public trust in the criminal justice system; and

  • Assist prosecutors in tracking progress and being transparent with the public about their goals and progress. 

Key Fact

Of all the elected prosecutors in office in February 2016, 72% ran unopposed in their most recent elections.