Compstat 2.0 is an effort to help law enforcement agencies integrate community policing strategies with existing Compstat (data-driven crime monitoring) processes. In partnership with the Police Foundation, Vera plans to develop, test, and implement a community policing model for nationwide adoption.

While community policing is essential to building trust in police and reducing crime, most departments do not currently have a community policing system in place, and are unable to effectively measure community engagement or responses to community concerns. A Compstat 2.0 framework could measure data related to community satisfaction, procedural justice, problem-oriented policing, complaints, and use of force. It could build on the strengths of Compstat to help police reduce and prevent crime, while enhancing their ability to build trust and accountability in the communities they serve. 

Project Objectives

  • This project aims to build on recommendations from the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing on how to build community trust in police

  • Measuring community policing strategies will help police agencies develop better relationships and be more accountable to the communities they serve. 

Key Fact

59% of large police agencies use Compstat and community policing methods simultaneously; however, they rarely integrate the programs together in daily policing practice.