At a time when communities are seeking ways to play an active role in the co-production of public safety, and police departments are eager to engage the communities they serve, it is essential that our management of policing resources, priorities, and responses evolve to incorporate a wider set of metrics, including community satisfaction and public safety measures beyond serious crime incidents. By leveraging the strengths of CompStat, this project seeks to develop a more modern management framework to collect data most important to law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. This initiative is designed to help police agencies institutionalize community policing by expanding on the metrics of the traditional CompStat process, to include performance measures associated with community policing, problem solving, and evidence-based practices.  

Project Objectives

  • This project aims to build on recommendations from the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing on how to build community trust in police

  • Measuring community policing strategies will help police agencies develop better relationships and be more accountable to the communities they serve.