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New campus sexual assault investigation unit opens in New York.

A special police unit in New York State is seeking to transform the way that officers handle campus sexual assault cases.Madison Pauly, “Inside the Special Police Unit That’s Transforming How Cops Investigate Sexual Assault,” Mother Jones, September/October 2018. “What’s taught [is] . . . 60 years old,” unit member Judith Trimboli explains.Pauly, “Inside the Special Police Unit,” 2018.

The Campus Sexual Assault Victims Unit of the New York State Police is teaching its members how to more effectively listen to and interact with victims reporting assaults.Pauly, “Inside the Special Police Unit,” 2018. The new unit uses an open-ended, empathetic questioning technique known as the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview to encourage more victims to file police reports and to reduce sexual violence on campus.Pauly, “Inside the Special Police Unit,” 2018. The training also helps officers recognize their own unconscious biases in examining victims, taking reports, and performing basic investigations.Pauly, “Inside the Special Police Unit,” 2018.