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More than 1,000 prosecutors are up for election in 2018.

Advocates are working to increase expectations of prosecutorial accountability through the more than 1,000 district attorney elections slated for 2018. 

Organizations, including Color of Change, People’s Action, and Real Justice PAC, are leading awareness and action campaigns around prosecutors.Color Of Change, “About Color of Change”; and Fair and Just Prosecution, “Our Work and Vision”; and People’s Action, “People’s Action Institute”; and Real Justice PAC, “The Strategy”. The ACLU announced in April 2017 that its nationwide “Campaign for Smart Justice” would engage in a multiyear effort to hold prosecutors legally accountable for improper policies and practices, promote reform legislation, and educate voters about the role of prosecutors in the justice system.ACLU, “In Effort to Significantly Reduce US Jail and Prison Population, ACLU Launches New Initiative to Overhaul Prosecutorial Practices, Seeking to Establish More Accountability, Transparency in Criminal Justice System,” press release (New York: ACLU, April 26, 2017).