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#MeToo spurs national conversation on sexual- and gender-based harassment and assault.

Outrage over the actions of Harvey Weinstein and other prominent men broke down some entrenched barriers in 2017, as vast numbers of people—using the #MeToo hashtag—shared their experiences of being sexually harassed, abused, and assaulted.

As a result, many high-profile men lost their jobs or saw other work-related consequences, but it remains to be seen whether any criminal charges will be brought and, more systemically, whether this outpouring will lead to cultural and policy changes that prevent such acts from occurring and better protect victims who raise their voices.Dan Corey, “Since Weinstein, Here’s a Growing List of Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct,” NBC, January 10, 2018; Esta Soler, “#MeToo — Believing Survivors of Sexual Abuse Should Always Be Trending,” San Francisco Chronicle, October 17, 2017.