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Iowa passes second sentencing reform bill in two years.

In May 2017, Iowa’s Governor Terry Branstad signed a law that eliminates mandatory minimum sentences for the lowest-level, class C, drug felonies and reduces crack cocaine sentencing disparities from 10 to1, to 2.5 to 1.Boshart, “Branstad Signs Sentencing Reforms” (2017).

This follows 2016 legislation that allowed the early release of people convicted of nonviolent drug offenses who had served at least half of their mandatory minimum sentences and gave judges more leeway in considering parole for certain people convicted of such crimes.Kathy A. Bolten, “Branstad Signs Bill Allowing Early Release of Hundreds of Drug Felonies,” Des Moines Register, May 12, 2016. Both bills received bipartisan support.Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM), “FAMM Hails New Iowa Sentencing Reform Law,” press release (Washington, DC: FAMM, May 10, 2017).