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Geographies of addiction: fentanyl, race, and urban neighborhoods.

The proliferation of the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl is having a particularly devastating impact on urban communities throughout the United States. 

Though much of the coverage of the opioid epidemic has centered on rural, white America, recent attention has turned to the precipitous rise of fentanyl in urban areas. In October 2017, the New York Times reported on “The Bronx’s Quiet, Brutal War with Opioids,” describing how more residents are lost to opioids in the Bronx than in any other borough in the city—76 percent of the 208 drug overdose deaths in the Bronx in 2016 involved heroin or fentanyl.Jose A. DelReal, “The Bronx’s Quiet, Brutal War with Opioids,” New York Times, October 12, 2017.