Sarah Williams

Sarah is co-founder and CEO of Propel Capital, and directs overall strategy, investment and grant program design, and implementation. Previously Sarah led her own consulting firm, working with foundations, donors, and corporations to strengthen their giving and impact investing strategies to have greater impact. She also led and launched the Pfizer Foundation, with over $320 million in assets, overseeing the creation of their first international and community-based health and social venture programs.

Sarah is also a lifelong activist. Working with a coalition of HIV+ organizers, educators, and health experts, she designed and advocated for the United States’ first comprehensive HIV/AIDS education and condom availability program in NYC high schools at the height of the epidemic. She also ran community organizing campaigns for NARAL’s pro-choice state legislature candidates in Missouri and has volunteered with individuals and families affected by the criminal justice system throughout her life. She serves on a range of nonprofit boards, including the Brooklyn Community Foundation, the Center for Prison Education, and the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Sarah has a BA from Wesleyan University and was a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs.