Patty Ramirez

Dr. Patty Ramirez, DSW, MSW is a transnational social worker, healing-centered facilitator, and advocate who earned her Master’s and Doctorate of Social Work from the University of Southern California. She also attended UC Santa Barbara and earned her bachelor’s in Xicana/o studies and feminist studies. Dr. Patty is Xicana Indigena and Salvadoran and is passionate about embracing her ancestral medicine and practices in her work. Dr. Patty believes that reimagining how we heal and lead will increase sustainability of social justice leaders, organizations, and social justice movements. For over a decade, Dr. Patty has dedicated her work to serving immigrant victims of crimes, unaccompanied children, asylum-seeking individuals and families, and justice-impacted people. Dr. Patty’s experience includes direct service provision, violence prevention, criminal justice policy advocacy, program and curriculum development, and organizational development. Dr. Patty is committed to the vision of collective healing and breaking down barriers that discredit the voices and thought leadership of Black and Indigenous people and people of color.