Oliver Hinds

Oliver worked to end incarceration by identifying it's locale, scale, and form, then disseminating analyses and conclusions. This starts with gathering (largely missing) up-to-date, granular data about incarceration across the U.S. and continues by probing causes through known as well as novel analyses. These analyses support the In Our Backyards team in outreach and qualitative research, as well as providing a basis for self-authored Institute reports as well as journalistic and academic articles.

Before joining Vera, Oliver was senior scientist at Orchard Scientific, where he worked on problems in medical imaging, robotics, and computer vision. Prior to that he developed medical imaging methods and performed neuroscientific research on the human visual system at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital. Oliver holds a PhD in cognitive and neural systems from Boston University and a BS in computer science from North Carolina A&T State University.