Nicole Brown


Nicole Brown is a senior advocacy associate with Vera's Ending Girls' Incarceration (EGI) initiative, focusing on the state of California. In her role, she supports local Los Angeles initiatives, statewide policy change, and EGI’s California Action Network, which partners with counties and state leaders to enact changes advancing the initiative’s mission.

Before joining Vera, Nicole was policy manager at the Urban Peace Institute, promoting public health approaches to community safety and working to transform Los Angeles' youth justice system. She began her career organizing for immigrant and refugee rights.

Nicole is an Eisenhower USA Justice Fellow; through the program, she traveled to Ireland and New Zealand, studying their youth and criminal legal systems. She is also an appointed alternate of the Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council and Public Safety Realignment Team.

Nicole holds a BA from Portland State University and an MPP from the University of Southern California.