Lauren Jones

Lauren’s work at Vera focuses on ending mass incarceration in New York State. Lauren leads Vera’s work on designing the Manhattan Criminal Court Resource Center, which reimagines misdemeanor justice and seeks to provide stability in people’s lives by connecting them to benefits, healthcare, employment, and more.

Before joining Vera in 2017, Lauren was the Civil Rights National Counsel at the Anti-Defamation League. There, she led the League’s advocacy and developed its policies on a wide range of civil rights issues, including ending mass incarceration and dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline. Before ADL, Lauren was a staff attorney at the Center for Family Representation, where she defended parents accused of abuse and neglect in Manhattan.

Lauren received her BA from NYU and her law degree from NYU School of Law, where she focused her clinical work on ending the collateral consequences of criminal convictions and represented clients on death row in Alabama. Before law school, Lauren was a research associate at the Brennan Center for Justice. There, she worked to restore the right to vote to people with felony convictions and to create a fair and impartial court system.