Jason Q. Ng

Jason Q. Ng is a senior data scientist for Vera’s In Our Backyards project. He was previously a staff data scientist and manager at Spotify working on a range of initiatives, including building software tools for musicians and addressing algorithmic responsibility concerns in recommendation systems.

Before then, Jason worked at Tumblr and as a Google Policy Fellow and Open Technology Fund Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, where he investigated issues related to online censorship. His book, Blocked on Weibo, documented the mechanics for censorship on Chinese social media platforms. Other writing includes analysis of misinformation on WeChat and misogynistic hate speech on Weibo, with his research being featured in The New York Times, Le Monde, Technology Review, Foreign Affairs, and VICE.

He is a graduate of Brown University and holds an MA from the University of Pittsburgh. He has taught courses on digital activism at Columbia SIPA and Yale and has helped to publish books on a range of topics in the public interest as an editor at The New Press and Metropolitan Books.