Insiyah Mohammad

Insiyah Mohammad joined the Vera Institute of Justice in July 2012 as the coordinator for the Center on Youth Justice. She has been heavily involved in writing, designing, and editing for Vera’s Status Offense Reform Center (SORC), a online repository for policymakers and practitioners interested in creating community based responses to status offense behaviors, like truancy. Insiyah monitors SORC's web analytics and optimizes traffic to desired areas of the website. Insiyah also plans and coordinates the center’s major off-site, on-site, and multi-jurisdictional meetings, as well as its well attended webinars. Prior to joining the Center on Youth Justice, Insiyah interned with the Vera’s Center on Immigration and Justice, where she assisted on a report about positively engaging police in immigrant communities. Insiyah also explored her passion for film though her internships with the New York International Children’s Film Festival and Propeller Films. She graduated from Bennington College in 2012 with concentrations in social science and film.