Eurielle Kiki

Eurielle Kiki is a research associate with the Unlocking Potential and Opening Doors initiatives, conducting research evaluating conditions of incarceration and supporting re-entry. Specifically, she works with postsecondary education in prison programs to ensure quality and race equity and assists on projects that connect returning citizens to affordable housing options. Eurielle has training and experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, including data analysis, survey design, and interviewing. She has worked on projects related to risk assessments of justice-involved youth; reducing disparate sentencing outcomes for adjudicated youth; human trafficking and sex work; and technical violations of individuals on probation. She is also the founder of La Femme Africaine Network, a community organization dedicated to assisting African American women navigate post-graduate life. She has a BA in sociology and criminal justice from Indiana University and a MS in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati. She is a doctoral candidate in the criminal justice department at the University of Cincinnati. Her dissertation examines dual status youth and their disposition outcomes compared to single system impacted youth.