David Weisburd

David Weisburd is distinguished professor of criminology, law and society at George Mason University, and Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law and Criminal Justice at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Weisburd is author or editor of more than 25 books and more than 175 scientific articles that cover a wide range of criminal justice research topics. He has received many international prizes for his groundbreaking research on crime hot spots and policing, including the Stockholm Prize in Criminology (2010), the Klachky Family Prize for Advances on the Frontiers of Science (2011), the Robert Boruch Award for Contributions to Research that Informs Public Policy (2014), and the Sutherland (2014) and Vollmer Awards (2017) from the American Society of Criminology. In 2015 he received the Israel Prize, generally regarded as the State of Israel's highest honor. Professor Weisburd began his career at the Vera Institute of Justice as the lead researcher on the NYPD's pilot program in community policing.