Danielle Hawkins-Lazo Pauta

Danielle Hawkins-Lazo Pauta joined The Guardianship Project (TGP) in January 2019. She received her Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Binghamton with a degree in sociology.

Danielle’s career started in the field of foster care in 2006, she worked as a case planner at Little Flower Children and Family Services of NY, and from 2008-2019, she worked as a case planner at Graham Windham Services. At both agencies, she provided casework services to children and adolescents and to their biological families to achieve the goal of permanency or other alternative permanency options through adoption or through KINGAP [the Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program). In her work, Danielle employed evidence-based models to assist parents in demonstrating behavior change regarding the circumstances that brought their children into foster care, and she also provided direct support, advocacy and referrals to assist and expedite family reunification. Danielle brings her passion and experience to TGP so that its elderly and disabled clients will receive the best level of care and services to meet their needs.