Dan Slepian

Dan Slepian is an award winning investigative producer and a 18-year veteran of NBC’s venerable newsmagazine, Dateline -- where he has developed and produced dozens of episodes, complex hidden camera investigations, and breaking news segments.

Slepian’s investigations have helped solve cold cases, assisted in exonerating wrongfully convicted inmates, uncovered corruption, sparked changes in laws, and have led to the shutting down of illicit businesses. He also conceived and developed three separate recurring hour-long series: “Vegas Homicide,” “Vegas Undercover” and “Wild, Wild Web.”

Most notably, Slepian is known for his in depth investigations into cases of wrongful convictions as seen in "Conviction", "In the Shadow of Justice", and “A Bronx Tale”.

Before joining NBC News, Slepian served as the Audience Coordinator for the Phil Donahue talk show.

Slepian graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he currently serves on the Journalism School’s professional advisory board.