Not Home

Our tables are set, our gifts are ready, and we're surrounded by family and loved ones. But many of our neighbors are #NotHomeForTheHolidays, due to incarceration and immigration policies that keep families separated. At the Vera Institute, we’re working to keep communities together and help families stay safe. Join us. Share your own family photo and we’ll feature you across Vera’s social media platforms. Together, we can shed a light on the importance of improving our justice systems, so that everyone can be home for the holidays. Please follow these steps:

1. Take a photo with your family and/or friends

2. Submit your photo to Vera

  • Email your photo to nothome@vera.org
  • Comment on our Facebook posts with your photos
  • Direct message @verainstitute on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Post your photo on social media using the hashtag #NotHomeForTheHolidays and tag @verainstitute

3. We’ll add a special frame like the images above and feature your photo across our social media platforms

4. Help us raise awareness by sharing your new photo with your friends and family using the hashtag #NotHomeForTheHolidays and tagging @verainstitute

5. Donate