Vera Institute of Justice Announces Inaugural Round of “In Our Backyards Community Grants” to Support Local Efforts to Reduce the Trend of Rising Incarceration in Small Cities and Rural Counties Grants will fund 11 projects undertaken by 16 organizations in 7 states


The Arrest-Jail Admission Gap

Jail admission rates surpass arrest rates in small and rural counties

But why does this jail-arrest gap exist? First, it is important to acknowledge that differences in counties’ data collection, data sources, and documentation could have contributed to the gap. Federal statistics have some data gaps—not all arrests are reported in FBI statistics, and some jail admissions are missing in states that have city level pr...

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  • Abdul Rad
    Abdul Rad
  • Wenshu (Monica) Yang
    Wenshu (Monica) Yang
January 10, 2020
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