What does a family-focused approach look like in corrections?

Margaret diZerega Managing Director of Initiatives
Aug 20, 2010

The short answer? Watch this video.

When exploring with corrections departments whether the time is right for them to focus on the family and other social supports of incarcerated individuals, I often find that we are in philosophical agreement: Enhancing pro-social support makes sense. But corrections staff are often unsure about how this idea could work within the culture of their organization.

The Family Justice Program has enjoyed a long partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. In a new five-minute video, you can see the various ways that staff in Oklahoma correctional facilities, probation, and parole are using the tools and methods of the Family Justice Program. The Family Justice Program tailors its work with each of our partners in corrections and juvenile justice. We’d love to hear about innovative ideas that involve families in your community.