Vera researchers at American Society of Criminology annual meeting

Nov 04, 2009

Many Vera researchers will be presenting their work at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology, which begins today and continues through Saturday in Philadelphia. They will be covering a range of topics, including juvenile corrections, immigration, and cost-benefit analysis. Below is a complete list of Vera presenters and their topics.

  • Angela Browne will present the panel "Explaining Intercity Variation in Youth Homicide 1985-2007," describing the analytic results of the Youth Homicide study.
  • Zhifen Cheng will present “Executive Office for Immigration Review’s Legal Orientation Program: Advancing Justice through Legal Rights Education.”
  • Maggie Elliott will present on the New York State Task Force on Transforming Juvenile Justice and the cost-benefit analysis.
  • Ben Estep will be chairing “Community-Based Alternatives in Juvenile Corrections: Using Research to Inform Reform” and discussing Vera’s cost-benefit work in the context of the New York State Task Force on Transforming Juvenile Justice.
  • Jen Fratello will be chairing “Cost-Benefit Analysis and Juvenile Justice System Reform” and presenting on juvenile detention reform in New York City.
  • I will moderate a panel presentation that Reagan Daly, Bruce Frederick, Christine Scott-Hayward, and Maggie Peck will give on the development of graduated responses in New York State Parole.
  • Besiki Kutateladze, Jim Parsons, and April Bang will participate in the session “Understanding International Justice Indicators,” which I will also chair.
  • Valerie Levshin will present on using cost-benefit analysis to inform criminal and juvenile justice policy--I will be a discussant on this panel.
  • Violet Yu will present on the “Influence of Bus Stops and Commercial Establishments on Violent Crime.”