United around criminal justice reform

Aug 15, 2013

On Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder called for criminal justice reform that was notable not only for its breadth, but for its widespread support, which crossed party lines, executive and legislative divides, and federal and state boundaries. To those working in the justice sector, it was both gratifying and compelling to hear Mr. Holder’s embrace of comprehensive reform—as well as the support it received. Vera’s work in many of the areas Mr. Holder cited—sentencing reform, prosecutorial discretion, victimization and safety, substance use and mental health, youth and family justice, cost-benefit analysis—happens because people come together from various political perspectives and many disciplines around evidence-based solutions that make sense.

In the coming days and weeks, Vera experts will blog about our specific work in many of the areas that Mr. Holder mentioned. And we’re especially pleased that we’ll kick that off next week, when our new president Nicholas Turner joins us and adds his voice and vision to these efforts. Stay tuned!