The Cost-Benefit Knowledge Bank

Year in review
Dec 17, 2012

As 2012 winds down, the staff of Vera’s Cost-Benefit Knowledge Bank (CBKB) for Criminal Justice have engaged in some predictable year-end behavior. We’ve been making lists.

Our website, like the rest of the project, focuses on the use of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in the criminal justice field. This month on, we’re posting 2012’s highlights from the blog, with links to the original entries. Our recent and upcoming wrap-up posts in December are as follows:

• Special topics: Monthly themes about cost-benefit analysis and criminal justice that we focused on, such as public safety technology and what to look for in a CBA; 

• Webinars: Descriptions of this year’s CBKB webinars, produced in collaboration with five colleagues beyond Vera who helped develop and present the information; 

• Guest posts: Contributions from writers who have an interest in cost-benefit analysis and justice (on topics as different as the benefits of early childhood programs and a director’s account of  her reentry program’s CBA); and 

• Top Five CBKB blog posts: The most widely read entries published in 2012.

We’ll publish the fourth post next week and welcome your ideas about whatever you read on the website. Feel free to comment on a blog post or send us a message via e-mailTwitter, or Facebook. To sign up for e-mail updates on CBKB’s work, go to the right-hand column of any page on, look for the word Subscribe, and enter your e-mail address.