Rev. Gabriel Salguero

Rev  Gabriel Salguero

The Rev. Gabriel Salguero—President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, Salguero is a powerful voice on issues that affect Latino communities in the United States. Focusing on poverty, immigration, and education, Salguero’s leadership of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) offers an important voice for growing diversity and changing demographics in our country. Salguero has been named as one of the most prominent Latino evangelical leaders by the Huffington Post, the Center for American Progress, El Diario, and Jorge Ramos’ Al Punto. In addition to his work with the Circle of Protection – a consortium of faith groups that seek to preserve social programs that help the poor – and his strong calls for immigration reform, Salguero, through his organization, founded Nuestro Futuro, a Latino youth-targeted voter-mobilization campaign in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New York, and New Jersey in 2012. His writing is featured on both The Washington Post "On Faith," and the Huffington Post's Religion blogs. The National Latino Evangelical Coalition is also focused on the battle for a living wage and prison reform. Salguero also delivered an invocation at the inaugural prayer service at the National Cathedral.