Demand Action in New Orleans

MFJ_Logo_Screen_Line_Darkgreen.png#asset:35302We envision a criminal legal system in New Orleans that rights historical wrongs by instituting policies that reduce racial disparities and ensure Black people are treated equitably. Prosecutors are powerful actors in this system and the vast majority are elected. Send a message to the candidates for your local prosecutor today.

We’re demanding prosecutors commit to the following changes:

  1. Prosecutors will not prosecute peaceful protestors.
  2. Prosecutors will prosecute police officers for using excessive force and violence.
  3. Prosecutors will hold public forums to hear directly from community members about our concerns, needs and priorities.
  4. Prosecutors will not prosecute cases brought by police officers with disciplinary histories and records, and they will not pursue cases resulting from “No Knock” warrants.
  5. Prosecutors will invest in local, community-led initiatives, such as restorative justice and violence-prevention programs.

As leaders in the criminal legal system, prosecutors need to drive change. Demand a new approach in New Orleans: send a message now.

About Motion for Justice: Motion for Justice is a bold, new initiative from the Vera Institute of Justice and The Institute for Innovation in Prosecution focused on the urgent need to center racial equity in efforts aiming to address the historic and ever-present devastation of the criminal legal system on Black communities.