In Our Backyards: Ending Mass Incarceration Where It Begins

With support from, Vera is embarking on an expansive initiative to illuminate why smaller and rural communities are now experiencing the heaviest burdens of mass incarceration—and how to make change.

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At a time of unprecedented challenge, we’re fighting for justice reform built on bedrock American values and grounded in action at the state and local level.

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SAFE Cities Network Launches: 11 Communities United to Provide Public Defense to Immigrants Facing Deportation

New findings demonstrate that government-funded defense dramatically increases successful outcomes and boosts public trust and public safety. NEW YORK, NY—At a time when harsh immigration policies are disrupting our communities, separating families, and increasing detention and deportation, leaders and legal service providers from across the countr...

Press Release
November 09, 2017
Press Release

More States Are Restoring Voting Rights for Formerly Incarcerated People, and That’s a Very Good Thing

Not only is the restoration of voting rights a benefit to our democracy, it's also a benefit to those who are personally impacted. While community support is essential to a person's successful reentry after incarceration, this support is—in large part—dependent on a person's ability to engage in their community in the first place. One of the most e...

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  • Karina Schroeder
    Karina Schroeder
  • Kevin  Keenan
    Kevin Keenan
November 06, 2017
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