Chris Munzing
Communications Department



May 22 2014

Vera President Nick Turner and John Wetzel, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, explore the lessons learned from German and Dutch prisons during Vera's European-American Prison Project in an op-ed published by National Journal's The Next America. The piece examines the implications of those lessons, how Pennsylvania has taken action, and some strategies for reducing reoffending to creater stronger people and stronger and safer communities.
"One cannot be re-socialized or rehabilitated if there is little or no opportunity to interact with the free world, whether through employment, family engagement, or study. And if, within three decades, we will be a country that is majority people of color, isn't it imperative that we do everything in our power to reduce the pernicious and debilitating impact of our criminal justice system on the economic agency of the people we will ultimately rely upon to fuel the nation's economy?"