Nov 4 2013

Raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction in New York and reforming stop and frisk are top of mind for reformers, as the mayoral election nears with candidate Bill de Blasio in a commanding lead. Annie Salsich, director of Vera's Center on Youth Justice, and Jennifer Fratello, research director of Vera's Center on Youth Justice, are both quoted in this Juvenile Justice Information Exchange article.


On Raising the Age:

“Allowing another four years to pass without the age of jurisdiction being changed is hard to imagine,” said Annie Salsich, director of the Vera Institute’s Center on Youth Justice. “I’d be shocked. The issue doesn’t get heavy play, but it needs to be front and center in this term.”

On Stop and Frisk:

“This [is] a group that law enforcement needs to reach out to and work with,” said Jennifer Fratello, director of research at Vera’s Center on Youth Justice. “Stop and Frisk as it’s practiced here seems to be eroding the kind of trust necessary to keep communities safe.”