Patricia Connelly
Communications Dept



Nov 29 2012

Vera (Ohio Green Prison Project) and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections are credited in this Waste & Recycling News article with helping Ohio State University make its 105,000 seat stadium a zero-waste facility in little over a year.


Hawkey and OSU were approached midseason by representatives from the Vera Institute and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC). The ODRC received an award from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission for its efforts to divert nearly all of its materials from landfills. The ODRC heard about Ohio Stadium's efforts and wanted to help.

Inmates at the Southeastern Ohio Correctional Institute (SCI) now handle all OSU gameday recyclables. SCI does the sorting for free and sells the recyclables, keeping the profits.

"They sort their materials 365 days a year and were able to reduce their trash bill by tens of thousands of dollars. They're basically zero waste at their institution," Hawkey said. "We were never going to get a better sort than that. We couldn't pass up the opportunity.