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Feb 27 2012

An article concerning Connecticut's attempts to move aged prisoners, many with disabilities, quotes a Vera report authored by Tina Chiu.


Many states facing budget woes have contemplated ways to parole inmates who need long-term or hospice care, but research suggests that few have been released.

"Given that many state policymakers have expressed an intention to permit the release of elderly inmates who are not a threat to public safety, it is remarkable that geriatric release policies have had little impact," Tina Chiu, director of technical assistance for the New York-based Vera Institute of Justice, wrote in a 2010 report.

In seeking to contract with a nursing home for about 95 beds, Connecticut officials say they're hoping to develop a workable pipeline when the number of people expected to use it is relatively small, rather than relying on case-by-case efforts to find beds for sick or disabled inmates when there are more in the system.