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Confronting Growth and Disparities in American Jails

Although local jails are increasingly recognized as the “front door” to mass incarceration, justice system stakeholders and others historically have not had access to the necessary data to understand how their jail is being used and how it compares with others. To address this issue, Vera researchers developed a data tool that includes current and ...

  • Ram Subramanian, Christian Henrichson, Jacob Kang-Brown
December 15, 2015

Relief in Sight?

States Rethink the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction, 2009 - 2014

For millions of Americans, the legal and life-restricting consequences of a criminal conviction continue even after they’ve repaid their debt to society as barriers to voting, housing, jobs, education, and a raft of social services limit their ability to provide for their families and successfully reenter society. In recognition of the damaging eff...

  • Ram Subramanian, Rebecka Moreno, Sophia Gebreselassie
December 22, 2014

Recalibrating Justice

A Review of 2013 State Sentencing and Corrections Trends

In 2013, 35 states passed at least 85 bills to change some aspect of how their criminal justice systems address sentencing and corrections. These bills largely eschew the tough-on-crime policies of the past, and reflect the gathering momentum for criminal justice reform in the United States. In reviewing this legislative activity, the Vera Institut...

  • Ram Subramanian, Rebecka Moreno, Sharyn Broomhead
July 15, 2014

President Obama Will Promote Opportunity in State of the Union, but Sentencing Laws and Other Obstacles Block the Way for Many

Tonight, President Obama will speak to the nation in his State of the Union address about opportunity, action and optimism. When thinking about opportunity, and the many factors that stymie it, it is long past time to address harsh sentencing laws and obstacles in the path of those leaving prisons and jails that disproportionately affect minority c...

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  • Mary Crowley
    Mary Crowley
January 28, 2014
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Common Ground, Collaborative Solutions and Containing Costs

Elements for Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform

The current moment of government shut-down might seem the antithesis to bipartisanship. But one area in which bipartisanship is in evidence might offer some hope: criminal justice reform. As demonstrated in a speech last August by Attorney General Eric Holder to the American Bar Association, there is real and growing bipartisan support for justice ...

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  • Christine Leonard
    Christine Leonard
October 03, 2013
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