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Photo Credits

Photo of Anna Deavere Smith
Annual Benefit 2014
by Mary Ellen Mark

Courtesy of Sun-Times Media
Police Visitors Station Week

flickr photo
by T.D. Ford (Grundelpuck, flickr)
DC Forensic Health Project

by Nicholas Belton /
A Natural Experiment in Reform

Capitol Dome
Author: Will Palmer
Capitol Dome Inside
Homepage slide / On the Hill

U.S. Capitol Dome

Author: Diliff/Flicker
U.S. Capitol Dome
Homepage slide: On the Hill

Author: D Sharon Pruitt/Flickr
Homepage slide: Improving Trafficking Identification
Project page: Improving Trafficking Identification

Author: alamosbasement/Flickr
Homepage slide: School to Prison Pipeline
Project Page: School to Prison Pipeline

Author: Michael Mehler
Project page: ACS Close to Home Initiative

Project page: Stop, Question, and Frisk Study

Author: torbakhopper/Flickr
Project page: Evaluating LGBTQ Victims' Access to Mainstream Victim Services

SUMH-CTPP program image image
Author: Ryan Brenizer Photograpy / Flickr

by Ilya Varmalov
European Prison Slide

by Ilya Varmalov
European Prison Slide