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It’s not self-serving to say that Vera’s Guardianship Project does extraordinarily important work. It’s simply true.

Every time our team helps an older adult or a person with disabilities for whom we serve as court-ordered guardian return home from a nursing facility, avert eviction, get his finances in order, receive the home care and other services needed to stay at home, or, at the end of life, die with dignity, I’m reminded of this fact.

But sometimes, telling the project’s story through the lens of one client’s experience is the best way to convey its importance, as shown in our recent article published in the American Bar Association’s journal BIFOCAL: Bar Associations in Focus on Aging and the Law.

Read the story of Mr. R and I’m convinced you’ll see why The Guardianship Project is a promising, cost-effective model for addressing challenges facing an aging society, one that strives and succeeds—against often seemingly insurmountable odds—to maintain people in their homes and communities whenever possible.