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  • Genia Wright
    Genia Wright
February 22, 2019

We will Not Settle in Our Pursuit of Racial Equity

“Something is better than nothing.” This is what we say to ourselves when we know the remedy provided is not enough. For many black people, myself included, the celebration of Black History Month falls squarely in this unsatisfying space. I am overwhelmed w...

  • William Snowden
    William Snowden
February 11, 2019

“Don’t Steal These”

I’m outside a coffee shop taking a work call on my laptop. I have headphones in my ears and I am wearing a buttoned-up shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. A white lady, also dressed up in business clothes, comes out with lots of to-go boxes and stacks them on a w...

  • Rebecca Neusteter
    Rebecca Neusteter
  • Mawia Khogali
    Mawia Khogali
January 28, 2019

Vera’s Policing Program Releases Sixth Volume of “Emerging Issues in American Policing” Quarterly Digest

Emerging Issues in American Policing is a quarterly digest tailored to practitioners and community members interested in policing. It is designed to elevate new and innovative research on policing practices and strategies by providing readers with succinct su...

  • Karina Schroeder
    Karina Schroeder
January 15, 2019

Iowa Governor Proposes to Restore Voting Rights for People with Felony Convictions

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced today that she will propose a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights for people with felony conviction histories. The decision was formally announced during Reynolds’ Condition of the State address to the Iowa Le...

  • Byron Kline
    Byron Kline
December 21, 2018

(Returning) Home for the Holidays

More people are traveling these days for the holidays than ever before. For many, the trek home is a welcome occasion to reflect on the past year, make resolutions to live better lives, and celebrate with friends and family. But, for the 11.6 million me...

  • Christian Henrichson
    Christian Henrichson
  • Jacob  Kang-Brown
    Jacob Kang-Brown
December 13, 2018

Expanding our Knowledge on Local Incarceration Trends

Take a Look at Mass Incarceration in Your Own Backyard By Christian Henrichson

  • Rebecca Neusteter
    Rebecca Neusteter
  • Megan  O'Toole
    Megan O'Toole
December 07, 2018

Why a Michigan Law Enforcement Agency Employs Formerly Incarcerated People to Bridge the Police-Community Divide

A key goal of the Policing Program at Vera is to elevate innovative approaches to policing that employ alternatives to enforcement. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) in Michigan is doing just that in its community outreach program employing formerl...

  • Kindred Motes
    Kindred Motes
December 04, 2018

To Ensure a Bright Future for LGBTQ Germans, Germany Acknowledges its Dark Past

When he was 19, Sergei fled from his home country of Russia to France, and then went to Oxford University in Britain. It was at Oxford that Sergei fell in love with literature, and he followed that love back to Paris after completing his studies. There, he wor...

  • Kevin  Keenan
    Kevin Keenan
December 03, 2018

Vera Schweitzer – the Vera Institute’s Worthy Namesake

“Events of stupendous magnitude have happened during these past 35 years. Fortunes have been lost and won; our dear ones have prematurely departed from us; our individual happiness has been subjected to trying ordeals. Yet somehow we carry on. And we carry on ...

  • Shyquinn Dix
    Shyquinn Dix
November 23, 2018

Series: Dispatches from T.R.U.E.

Dream Chasers

Shyquinn is a basketball player at the University of Maine in Presque Isle, where he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in sociology. He is also a former mentee at the TRUE unit in the Cheshire Correctional Institution in Connecticut.

  • William Snowden
    William Snowden
November 20, 2018

Unanimous Juries Bring 21st Century Justice to Louisiana

It is a new day in Louisiana. We have ceremoniously buried another vestige of Jim Crow, removing his 120-year-old perch from the jury boxes of our criminal courthouses throughout the state. On November 6, 2018, Louisiana became the 49th state to require unani...

  • Nicholas Turner
    Nicholas Turner
November 06, 2018

Midterm Results Show Support for Reform Is Strong

In 1835, Alexis de Tocqueville said of the United States, “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.” 183 years later, we’re still in the process of repairing those faul...